Family fun activities await customers at ‘Season Fair’

Lyna Mohamad

A range of family fun activities awaits the public at the first ever expo organised by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCC) Brunei slated for June 15 to 20 at One City Shopping Centre.

Dubbed the ‘Season Fair’, the expo will gather business parties to showcase their latest products explore business opportunities, networking with business partners, capitalising on the latest market opportunities and interact directly with consumers.

Present at the press conference yesterday was CCC Brunei President Malcolm Lim.

“The expo will provide opportunities for family members to spend time together through a series of entertaining activities with chances to win prizes,” said the CCC Brunei President.

Participants can use the CCC’s website and social media platforms to promote business opportunities with overseas business parties, he added.

CCC will be organising four seasonal fairs annually and while food and beverage is excluded for the upcoming expo, the organisation looks forward to include it in the next expo.

CCC Brunei President Malcolm Lim in a group photo during the press conference. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

“I look forward to our members’ strong support and participation in the upcoming expo. Due to Covid-19, foreign business parties are not participating in this expo. However, they can ship their products to Brunei where CCC can coordinate and assist in promoting their products.”

There will be 40 booths and a designated showcase and activity area during the six-day event, while standard operating procedure (SOP) and health advises will be fully observed and practiced throughout the event.

A free health screening and a blood donation drive by medical team from the Ministry of Health will also be at the expo.

Meanwhile, CCC Head of Commerce and Industry Lim Eng Hsin said they are in the process of inviting members of the Diplomatic Corps and government agencies such as Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

CCC Brunei President also highlighted that the association is looking to collaborate with other organisatons in the future such as the Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Such collaborations can help showcase local culture while fostering solidarity.

Members of CCC Brunei Deputy President Lee Chung Keng, Vice Presidents Lim Ting Chai, Vincent Pao and Tan Kah Poi, Lim Eng Hsin and Louis Loo (Commerce and Industry together with committee members, Deputy of Youth Entrepreneurs Council and respective Women’s Council Committee were also present during the press conference.