Fame makes me feel like a fish: Robert Pattinson

BANG! NEWS – The Batman star Robert Pattinson admits fame makes him feel like a “fish in a glass ball” after rising to stardom at 19.

Discussing the nature of fame with Italian publication IO Donna, he said, “I feel like a fish in a glass bowl that doesn’t quite know which way to go.”

Pattinson – who can currently be seen in psychological horror movie The Lighthouse – also admits that the life of an actor ultimately means that you spend a lot of time on your own in hotel rooms, which can be a good thing and a negative thing.

He explained, “I get along with it pretty well, living alone becomes a habit, if anything you find it difficult to have people around. However, you do risk becoming a little crazy. It happens gradually and you aren’t aware of it: you start not to worry about yourself anymore, about how you dress, you don’t change anymore. Isolation easily changes your behaviour.”

Pattinson believes he has managed to avoid many of the pitfalls of fame by keeping a distance from the Hollywood lifestyle and still having the same friends he has when he was growing up.