Exploring the communities of Tutong District

Lyna Mohamad

Thirty members of Brunei Malay Teachers Association (PGGMB) visited Tutong District as part of its social activities organised by PGGMB’s Travel Service Sdn Bhd.

Led by its President Haji Yussof bin Haji Mohamad, the group made their first stop at Pangkalan Waris, a recreational fishing lodge in Kampong Penapar owned by PGGMB’s Administrative Committee member Haji Samihon bin Haji Kechi.

As part of its social responsibilities, PGGMB also handed over donations to two orphans, before visiting Lamin Kampung, also owned by Haji Samihon.

Lamin Kampung is a traditional house, built in 2011 and turned into a gallery housing a collection of cultural and ethnic records of Tutong communities.

The group’s next stop was Lamin Warisan, a house-turned-museum which preserves the family lineage of a former village head.

The final stop was Angkasa Oud Agarwood Company, a locally owned company producing agarwood and organic virgin coconut oil products.

PGGMB members at Pangkalan Waris. PHOTO: PGGMB