Exploring investment opportunities in S’pore

Baiduri Capital held a webinar to look at investment opportunities in the Singapore market, ‘SG Equities: Once in a Decade Turning Point’, with Lion Global Investors (LGI) yesterday.
 LGI Asian Equities Portfolio Manager Kenneth Ong conducted the webinar. He is responsible for the Singapore market within the Asian equities and ASEAN team at LGI and was previously the specialist for Indonesia.

The speaker mentioned that over the last decade, the Singapore equity market has underperformed in the Asia region but it is reaching a once-in-a-decade positive turning point. The speaker shared that this rare juncture presents investors with a valuable opportunity to gain exposure into the Singapore equity market.

He gave an overlook of the Singapore market’s growth cycle from 1990 until 2020, before exploring the reasons that the market could be emerging from crisis levels.

On the webinar, Baiduri Capital General Manager Peng Eng Soon spoke about how the robust Singapore economy has weathered through the financial crises of 1997 and 2008, and even through the current global pandemic, remains a major financial hub in the Asia Pacific region.

He said, “The Singapore economy is one of the most stable in the world, and even with the pandemic, significant attention and resources have been allocated to long-term investments in the country’s infrastructure, the upskilling of its workforce, and digitalisation for it to remain a global hub for business, trade, and finance.

“With this webinar, our aim is to update clients on how the Singapore market is going through a significant period of recovery, and with that also comes valuable investment opportunities for our investors to capitalise on.

“We also wanted to remind clients of our investment products and services related to the Singapore market they can consider to meet their different investment objectives and
risk appetites.”

A screenshot of the webinar. PHOTO: BAIDURI CAPITAL