Taiwan offers amusement parks that allow travellers to get close to nature and participate in activities that are more leisurely and suitable for travellers of all ages.

To date, Taiwan has 25 theme parks, of which six are equipped with Muslim-friendly restaurants or accommodations. Each of these amusement parks has its own theme and different amusement facilities that cater to travellers with different demands, be it a leisure day with family, adventurous expedition, romantic date in theme park or nature tourism.

LeoFoo Village Theme Park

LeoFoo Village Theme Park has four main themes, namely the Wild West of the US, African Tribe, South Pacific and Arab Palace. Some of the well-known facilities are made available in this theme park such as the second of its kind in the world and the only one in Asia, Taiwan’s largest artificial canal, Taiwan’s biggest Pirate Ship and Volcano Adventure that can do 360-degree rotations. In addition, the theme park is also the home to nearly 70 species and close to a thousand animals in its safari wildlife zoo, which is the greatest in Taiwan.

Leofoo Village Theme Park
Leofoo Village Theme Park

LeoFoo Village Theme Park has a Halal-certified restaurant – Aladdin Restaurant – that serves Western and Asian cuisine. It is also equipped with a prayer room on its premises.

West Lake Resortopia

West Lake Resortopia is the perfect destination for families who want to escape the big city as this is the only theme park in Asia based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The theme park offers recreational and dining facilities, Muslim-friendly accommodations and other services. The theme park also celebrates the May Tung Blossom Festival where travellers can appreciate the European-style garden features Andersen’s fairy tales’ scenes while enjoying the beautiful Tung flower blossoms.

Lihpao Land

The biggest resort park in Taiwan, combining land and water theme parks, Lihpao Land is one of the favourite amusement parks among travellers. It is a great destination for both entertainment and leisure purposes, as among its facilities and activities are its flagship escape room attraction, Lihpao Outlet Mall, Lihpao Racing Park and Taiwan’s biggest Ferris wheel – Sky Dream. Fullon Hotel in Lihpao Land has been certified “Muslim Friendly”. Prayer mats, Qiblat direction and Qu’ran are available in the hotel rooms and Muslim-friendly meals are served in the hotel’s kitchen.

Lihpao Land
Lihpao Land

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is near to another iconic attraction, Sun Moon Lake. The amusement park has three major themed areas, namely European Garden, Joy to the World and Aboriginal Tribal Areas, suitable for patrons of all ages to explore the unique destination.

One of the must-do activities in the theme park is taking a trip in the cable car ride where travellers can have a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent mountain and breath-taking Sun Moon Lake. Muslim travellers can visit Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village with peace of mind as it has both Muslim-friendly restaurants and resorts at the premises.

Jianshanpi Jangnan Resort

Travellers who are nature lovers and prefer a quiet and serene place can stay at Jianshanpi Jangnan Resort.  The resort is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, and also received award honours from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for 11 consecutive years as the Excellent Scenic Recreation for its professional and friendly services.  This Muslim-friendly resort has a menu prepared specially for Muslim guests and the meals are prepared in separate cookware and kitchenware.

Yiyuan Resort

Yiyuan Resort is the only country-style resort in eastern Taiwan, which is the perfect place for nature lovers or travellers who are trying to get away from the buzzing city. It offers many recreational facilities consisting of a water park, sports, outdoor pool, fishing, leisure and bike rides. As one of the Muslim-friendly accommodations in Hualien, Muslim travellers are welcome to enjoy the delicacies prepared by the resort and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time.