Expired frozen beef distributors in hot water

Izah Azahari

Following viral reports regarding the sale of expired frozen beef from Australia, the Brunei Darussalam Food Authority (BDFA) took action against the involved distributors by ordering the withdrawal of the affected frozen meat from the market.

The BDFA has issued a public reminder, especially to distributors and sellers, that the expiration date for food items such as frozen meat should not exceed 18 to 24 months from the slaughter date.

“The public must inform the BDFA about frozen meat with scratched or torn production dates, or still being sold beyond the expiry date,” said the BDFA in a statement.

“The act of selling food past the expiry date, which is therefore unsafe to eat, or rendering the label illegible such as tearing or scribbling information on it, is liable to action under the Public Health (Food) Act, Chapter 182, Section 9 (1) that is (a) anyone who prepares, sells or imports food which may be harmful to health; (b) anyone who marks (labels), packs, prepares, sells or advertises food in a manner that is false or misleading or deceives the quality, composition or safety of the food in question.

“If convicted, the individual can be sentenced to five years’ imprisonment or fined, or both.”

“The public is advised to be vigilant of this fact when buying processed food, by ensuring that the package is tagged with an expiry date.”

For information, contact the BDFA (during office hours) at Unit2G2:01, Level 2, Block 2G, Kondominium Ong Sum Ping, Jalan Ong Sum Ping, Bandar Seri Begawan, BA1311, Brunei Darussalam, or call +673 2237417 / 2237476 / 2237314, or fax +673 2237467, or e-mail [email protected]