Exercising caution is all we can do amid Omicron

I’m writing in response to the news item, ‘Vaccination remains key defence against COVID variants’, published in the Bulletin yesterday, in which the authorities said there was much to learn about the new variant, Omicron.

Now that the variant has reached our region, it is easy to press the panic button and think only of the worst-case scenario, such as how our healthcare system would collapse from the spike in new cases.

However, I believe that there is a need to take a step back and assess the situation based on what our authorities have told us thus far. If there were a cause for alarm, I’m sure there would be new restrictive measures implemented. As it stands, we are inching towards the Endemic Phase, with standard operating procedures firmly in place.

We have been faced with a pandemic for almost two years. The tremendous amount of stress that we all have been subjected to – day in, day out – is bound to make us a little on edge. But we ought to strike a balance between being cautious and going on a full-on panic mode.

We the populace have done our part by adhering to the health guidelines and getting protected through inoculation. Should the new variant reach our shores, there are already measures in place to limit the spread.

We need to have faith in the authorities that they have our best interests at heart, that if push comes to shove, I’m sure there is a contingency plan to maintain public health and safety.