Exchange programme discusses changes of future workforce

Hakim Hayat

The 7th Youth Leaders Exchange Programme between Brunei and Singapore saw 40 next-generation leaders from both countries meeting in a four-day video conference recently, discussing matters relating the future of the workforce and how they can adapt in the fast-changing global landscape.

During the dialogue session, participants discussed the future of jobs and the workforce in adapting to dramatic changes brought on by technology, globalisation, social values and personal hopes that are expanding especially in the generation of millenials.

They also touched on the rise of the gig economy and understanding its impact of risks and opportunities, as well as potential for inclusive economic growth, while also avoiding a big gap in the economy.

The programme aimed to forge deeper understanding, solidarity and appreciation between next generation leaders on policies, systems and bilateral ties of both countries. It also promoted a substantive dialogue among the participants comprising the people, private and public sectors.

According to the MCYS, the programme was geared towards managing issues on the roles of young leaders in advocating change in new trends of job and career pathways.

MCYS hoped the programme has generated young leaders who can cooperate in strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries, while inculcating better understanding and solidarity.

The exchange programme was jointly organised by the MCYS and the National Youth Council (NYC), which is an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth of Singapore. It has been a strategic programme organised by Brunei and Singapore since 2014, and both countries have taken turns in hosting it annually.

The 7th Youth Leaders Exchange Programme between Brunei and Singapore via video conference. PHOTO: MCYS