Evidence of UK virus strain found in Florida man

MIAMI, FLORIDA (AP) — Florida health authorities on Thursday reported finding evidence of the latest United States (US) case of the new and apparently more contagious coronavirus strain first seen in England, saying it was detected in a man with no recent travel history.

The case, disclosed in a Florida Health Department (FHD) statement tweeted on its HealthyFla site, comes after reports in recent days of multiple individual cases of the United Kingdom (UK) strain of COVID-19 discovered in Colorado and California

Florida’s health statement said the new virus variant was detected in a man in his 20s in Martin County, which abuts the Atlantic Coast above densely populated South Florida. It said its experts were working with the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on investigating the case.

The health department did not give further details, such as releasing the man’s medical condition or how the strain was detected.

California on Wednesday became the second state to confirm a case of the new virus strain. The announcement came 24 hours after word of the first reported US variant infection, which emerged in Colorado — in a Colorado National Guardsman who

had been sent to help out at a nursing home struggling with an outbreak.