Everyone’s cooperation needed to win COVID fight

As the daily case numbers continue to grow, the authorities and all frontline workers continue to work extremely hard towards curbing the spread of COVID-19. They are doing a commendable job under challenging circumstances.

However, it is discouraging to note that there are still a number of people who are not fully cooperating and are totally disregarding and disrespecting directives, which negatively impacts the tremendous efforts of the authorities. It also enables the virus to continue to spread rapidly through the community.

We are reminded of the importance of following all procedures, wearing masks, social distancing and leaving our homes only for essential shopping. What qualifies as essential shopping may need to be further clarified. This past week, I have seen people at garden nurseries buying plants, in fabric and clothing stores, none of these are essential.

Essential shopping should be classed as an absolute need, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, pet stores, private clinics and petrol stations.

Perhaps the authorities should close all non-essential stores to stop people from continuing to visit these places.

This past week alone, I have seen workers at a construction site in Batu Bersurat sitting closely together during their break time, unmasked while the supervisor walked around oblivious to the lack of social distancing and the threat it posed.

I believe all construction site managers and supervisors should be proactive in enforcing and ensuring that their workers are following instructions at all times. Companies that turn a blind eye or disregard the law should be heavily fined.

Many are following all directives issued. However, curbing the spread of this virus requires everyone’s cooperation. Let’s all think carefully about our daily footprint and our social interactions and play our role in the virus fight.

A Concerned Resident