Everlasting beauty

Sheela Chandran

THE STAR – They do not have a fragrant characteristic like their natural counterparts, but paper flowers are gaining popularity because they are long-lasting and do not wither in humid weather.

Paper flower artist Soo Wai Yan, 31, said there has been a growing demand for paper flowers because they require minimal upkeep and can be made using different types of materials.

“Paper flowers can be crafted with cardstock, tissue paper or crepe paper. The plus point about paper flowers is they can be created in different sizes, as small as one’s thumb to as large as a ceiling fan.

“There is also a growing demand for paper succulents and hanging plants which add a touch of green to a home,” said Soo in an email interview.

Here are five paper plants that appeal to many.

Paper-crafted plants are gaining popularity because they are longer lasting and do not wilt. PHOTOS: SOO WAI YAN
Chamomile represents happiness and peace


The thick leaves of succulents such as jade plants can retain water, symbolising good fortune and wealth. They also denote strength and resilience, two key elements which are essential during the pandemic. Paper succulents, bonsai and flowering succulents make great options as home decorative items.


A symbol of hope, joy and love, these sunny designs are the perfect gift to brighten up anyone’s day, especially during the current pandemic times.


Like miniature daisies, these pretty flowers are a popular choice due to their cheerful appearance. The flowers, which symbolise peace and rest, are suitable as gifts for all kinds of relationships.


Phalaenopsis and dendrobium paper orchids are among the most sought-after flowers for any occasion. They symbolise luxury, beauty and strength, with the most favoured colours being white, purple and yellow.


Garden rose, damask rose and gardenia rose are among the popular rose species commonly crafted into paper flowers. These blooms are popular all year round as they represent love, gratitude and admiration. The David Austin rose – a crossbred flower with petalled blooms – is often crafted into gigantic 3D paper flowers as wall backdrops. These fake flowers – seen in colours like red and pink – measure between 50.9 centimetre (cm) and 101.6cm in diametre.