Eva uses white noise machine to help her sleep

EVA Mendes swears by white noise machines to help her and her kids sleep.

The Ghost Rider star has always found it a “struggle” to rest but has found the solution in her special machine, which she has dubbed a “life-saver”.

She said, “You know I actually struggled with sleep for many years. I just don’t sleep well. White noise machines are life-savers in our house. I use them anytime the kids are sleeping, whether it’s a nap or at nighttime because then you’re allowed to actually have a life or a conversation without waking the kids up or you can actually have people over while they’re sleeping.

“White noise machines are the answer to so many of our problems. You know… if there’s barking dogs next door or if there’s construction in the area. It’s just life-saving. Now when I travel and I’m not with the kids, I take one with me anyways because I’m really used to it and it really helps.”

And Eva is willing to try everything to help her get a good night’s sleep and is giving a new technique, red light, a go.

She added to Yahoo! Lifestyle, “Recently, I just made this purchase so I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’ve been reading a lot about red light therapy (not infrared), but red light. I recently bought a red light device that is supposed to improve your quality of sleep.” – BANG!