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Essential toolbox: Be your own handyman

Tahmid Azad Sohan

ANN/ THE DAILY STAR – For a lot of small home issues, with the right tools, any rookie handyman is enough on their own. Why shell out good money to the handymen to perform jobs that could have been done by a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

A pile of unread books, Netflix or hobbies might purr at you when you have a leisure, but then again, your home creaks, leaks and breaks frequently. Just a box of tools is all you need to have your every hassle settled and enjoy your leisure at peace.

A reasonable investment can save you big time from high expenses of hiring a contractor for home improvement projects which you can perform very easily in no time. We often call for technicians for certain home repair tasks, for instance, tightening nuts and bolts, hanging a new picture frame or caulking around the bathroom sink.

Just a basic toolbox is what’s holding you back from becoming your house’s own handyman, the DIY-er. Pay a visit to your nearby hardware stores and bring the gift of joy home.

Racking them all up at once might be an expensive run. The smartest course would be to go for the basic ones at the outset.

A good starter tool kit might include a claw hammer, screwdriver set, pliers, tape measures, adjustable wrench, utility knife and so on. Give your toolbox a makeover and set your DIY goals right away. Completion of a do-it-yourself job is highly satisfying and the feeling is unparalleled.

You will be surprised when you realise how often you reach for just a screwdriver in a month.

From tightening up a knob to drilling, it comes handy everywhere. And we all know what a hammer does – it smashes. Drive nails into wood or shape metals. You can hang your favourite picture through pounding wire nails into the wall for picture hangers.

An adjustable wrench could come handy in changing out a shower head or to tighten plumbing fixtures.

Buying a new home or getting into a new apartment is always an exciting milestone. But who’s going to fix that running toilet or leaky faucet for you? You are the landlord this time.

Here’s the upside of having a toolbox; you can fix this right away with few essentials tools and a bit of knowledge about how to use them. In the world of Internet and YouTube, this would barely stand as an obstacle.

Some tragedies in the house might require immediate action which, with home tools, would assist you in repairing the damage and set you free. The claw hammer would help you removing stuck nails; a ladder would assist you reaching for higher places to perform jobs that need a quick fix.

Having the right tool at the right time would help you in carrying out your projects efficiently and eases the burden of calling a professional handyman. It would set your neighbours free because you do not have to borrow anymore. You can save your money and time.

So, grab yourself a toolbox, set your DIY goals and be your own handyman. Who knows the acquisition of this toolbox might be one of your favourite life stories?

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