Escaped camel causes a stir in California neighbourhood

UPI – Animal services officers were summoned to a California neighbourhood on a report of an unusual escapee from a local farm – a camel.

Supervising Animal Services officer Michaela McGuian for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, said she knew right away after receiving a call about a camel on the loose that the animal was likely CamElla, a single-humped dromedary camel residing at Anita Varga’s Serenity Farms, outside Woodland.

McGuian said CamElla caused a stir with her outing, but ended up returning home on her own before officers arrived.

“I’m not a camel expert but like other large animals, they may get curious if they get a chance to escape,” McGuian told the Daily Democrat. “We find with cows and horses, they will sometimes wander, just to see if there’s food out there.”

Animal services officers in Yolo County, California, responded to a report of a loose camel near Woodland and arrived to find the animal had returned home on its own after a walk through the neighbourhood. PHOTO: SERENITY FARMS