Envisioning a better tomorrow

Hakim Hayat

Many young Bruneians have been stepping up to the plate when it comes to empowering the community through volunteering and support programmes, proving that unity is vital in realising the country’s vision.

As future leaders of the country, the youth’s contributions to the society are especially pivotal.

One example is PIVOT.BN Enterprise, a registered youth organisation founded by 12 young Bruneians with the aim of giving back to the society while being a social enterprise.

The organisation was established when its president Syifaa Ismail came up with the idea of having a platform for those with community service ideas who have no clue where to begin.

The members of the enterprise are not new to volunteerism and charity; as a matter of fact, it is their active participation in charity that prompted them to sign up with PIVOT.BN, to broaden their reach and share the platform with fellow like-minded youth.

PIVOT.BN Enterprise’s President Syifaa Ismail (R), Vice President Aqil Fakhrullah (C), and Human Resource Officer cum Project Manager Hurr’ain Bashir showcasing its t-shirts, inspired by local traditional food items. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to SCOT Social Kitchen. PHOTO: FAZIZUL HAQIMIE

Syifaa said that they chose the name PIVOT because by definition, ‘pivot’ means a person or a thing that plays a central role in a situation.

“In a way, we are working to be the pivot of society, where people can come and share their ideas, and we will be able to cater to their needs and help their ideas grow.

“Our goal is to raise awareness on social responsibility and the importance of volunteerism as we believe that everyone should have equal access to resources and opportunities,” she added.

Through PIVOT.BN, they are inspired to carry out this vision not only to uphold Brunei’s Vision 2035 but also to make a tangible impact on the lives of the people, the world we live in and most importantly, how much of a difference one individual can make.

Syifaa also shed light on the enterprise’s key to sustainability: “Our vision is to be a self-sustaining organisation that fosters social responsibility nationwide to the point of not being too dependant on donations; instead, generate the funds ourselves to give back to the society.”

Through this system, she said that they hope to introduce entrepreneurship and social responsibility under one roof that are aligned with their vision and goals, to put them on par with more established non-governmental oganisations (NGOs).

For the month of Ramadhan, the members came up with their first big breakthrough programme, Misi Ramadhan, which they hope will put them on the map.

Through the programme, PIVOT.BN will distribute pre-cooked meals to socio-economically challenged families and foreign workers, with the profits earned by selling t-shirts inspired by local traditional food items, designed by the members and sewn by Cerita Fabrikku.

The proceeds will be donated to SCOT Social Kitchen, where meals will be prepared by underprivileged mothers and distributed by PIVOT.BN members and their volunteers.

There are three t-shirt designs to choose from – Ambuyat that comes in light grey, Nasi Katok in dark red and Kueh in mint green. The shirts cost BND28 each with a bundle price of BND26 for purchasing three or more.

According to Syifaa, by purchasing these T-shirts, people will not only be helping those in need but also support local entrepreneurs.

“One t-shirt is equivalent to one meal. The targetted amount for this project is 250 shirts, equalling 250 meals.”

The t-shirts can be purchased by scanning the QR code posted on their Instagram page (@PIVOT.BN) or simply clicking the link in their bio.

These t-shirts are made to order, and pre-orders will be closed at the end of April as the meals will be distributed on May 8. The expected collection and delivery period for the t-shirts will be between May 1 and May 12.

“In every step we take, there are bound to be risks and uncertainty, but that does not mean that we cannot and will not overcome it. If the intention is good all along and the people around us are giving us constant support, Insya Allah, everything will fall into place,” Syifaa said.

The group hopes that the work they are doing will inspire other youth to follow their dreams.