Ensure public adheres to social distancing measures

Brunei Darussalam has recorded no COVID-19 cases for five continuous days as of yesterday.

However, safe distancing measures should still be practised by all, especially at departmental stores, supermarkets, banks and post offices to suppress the coronavirus.

The introduction and practice of safe distancing measures at tills, counters and queues is essential.

Banks should also encourage customers to use electronic platforms where possible.

Supermarkets, departmental stores and post offices should limit the number of people within their premises at any given time and encourage safe distancing of at least 1.5 to two metres.
Tape markers for where people should stand should be placed on the floor at suitable distances apart.

File photo of social distancing measures at a restaurant with markings on the floor indicating where people should stand. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

I recently visited the post office and found that the seating had been cordoned off.

However, people are still seen standing extremely close to each other at the counters. I have also seen people not adhering to social distancing at supermarkets and department stores.

Inspections should be carried out regularly and appropriate action sshould be taken against non-compliant places, to protect the community and safeguard the health of customers.

Brunei has acted promptly amid this crisis and has taken effective measures early on.

This has allowed the country a better chance of slowing the spread so that hospitals and treatment centres are in a position to cope more effectively.

We need to take stronger actions now and follow all directives given by the government to protect ourselves and those around us.

A Concerned Resident