Empowering youth with workshops, competitive events

The Youth Series Model by the Global Awareness and Impact Alliance (GAIA), a local non-governmental organisation, is designed to empower and enhance the Brunei Darussalam’s youth capacity to contribute to regional solutions.

Through a carefully structured three-phase programme implemented across the year, the Youth Series Model has been met with vigour and enthusiasm from local participants.
From September 11 to September 14, 2020, GAIA hosted 28 youth during the first phase Camp Wira, a four-day experience held in partnership with Projek Bina Ukhwah (PBU).

The camp took place at Youth Centre, where the youth endured an activity-packed schedule designed to break down self-limitations and expose them to new ways of thinking about themselves and the world they live in.

The participants received first-hand insight into Brunei’s culture and history by learning about traditional kueh and food from Tamu Kianggeh sellers and listening to stories from roadside stall-owners during Bandarku Ceria. They pushed their physical limits and learnt how to strategise during a paintball tournament and the Amazing Race competition at Jerudong Park.

Emotional barriers were overcome as participants talked through their troubles during night poetry reading and later created new, lasting friendships over a campfire.

Upon completion of Camp Wira, the participants collectively progressed to the second phase, the Youth Leadership Summit 2020 (YLS 2020). Designed to expose the youth to a working life experience, YLS 2020 was held from December 4 to December 7, 2020 at Parkview Hotel in partnership with Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT).

YLS 2020 harnessed the energy participants gained from Camp Wira and directed this towards sharpening six core skills: effective communication, public and impromptu speaking, confidence building, critical thinking, negotiation and conflict resolution.

The workshops were facilitated by Toastmasters, Young Professionals Network Brunei, Perspective Insan Academy and other industry leaders.

YLS 2020 concluded with the gruelling Shark Tank, during which participants used their newly gained skills to pitch and persuade a panel of judges to invest in a product they had designed and created.

Participants progressed remarkably throughout the first and second phases of the Youth Series Model, with many showing marked development of thought processes by confidently expressing their opinions and ideas and actively applying their newly learnt skills.