Employment order violations at fuel station

Rokiah Mahmud

The Labour Enforcement Division of the Labour Department conducted ‘Operasi Selongkar 133/2021’ at a fuel station in Muara.

It was found to have violated Section 63 of Employment Order 2009 for not granting employees rest day and Section 70 for denying workers leave rights during public holidays. If found guilty, the employer will be fined BND160 for the first offence and BND320 for the second offence.

The Labour Department reminded employers to keep tabs on their workers’ welfare and well-being according to the Employment Order of 2009, including providing employment contract, timely payment of salary and providing clean accommodation for workers.

Employers were also advised against violating the Foreign Workers Licence under the Employment Act 2009.

Operasi Selongkar in progress at a fuel station. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT