Employee’s swift action saves fast-food chain from further fire damage

James Kon

The swift action of an employee by using a dry powder fire extinguisher to put out a fire prevented a blaze from spreading at Sengkurong KFC Drive-Thru recently.

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) in a statement released yesterday, said 13 firefighters from Jerudong Fire Station, led by DSO Serudin bin Haji Osman, rushed to the scene after a distress call was received at 5.25pm.

Upon arrival, the firefighters found that the fire had been contained.

The cause and damages of the fire are under investigation.

The FRD urged the public to get their home covered by insurance and equip it with fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

The public is also urged to ensure electrical appliances are switched off after use and refrain from overloading electricity usage and opt for accredited companies to install wiring.

For emergencies, contact at 995.

Firefighters at the scene. PHOTO: FRD