Emily Blunt is too scared to do a Broadway musical

EMILY Blunt is scared of performing in a musical on Broadway – because her “worst nightmare” is having her voice break on stage.

The 35-year-old actress has had singing roles in Hollywood movies including 2014’s Into The Woods and Mary Poppins Returns – which is set for release later this month – but doesn’t think she’d ever take up a role in a theatre musical because she’d be too worried about having her voice break in the middle of a musical number.

Speaking to Hugh Jackman for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, she said, “[Musicals are] the thing I haven’t done. Do you know what worst nightmare is? Of singing and having that moment where your voice [breaks] or something like that. Like, my worst nightmare is my voice just breaking at the wrong moment. I’ve just never had training.”

But Hugh – who has been in several musicals and is set to head out on his Hugh Jackman, The Man. The Music. The Show tour in 2019 – insisted Emily doesn’t need to be professionally trained, as he learned how to sing whilst on the job.

He told her, “I was a trained actor, and I got singing lessons. It was in my contract when I did Beauty and the Beast, my contracts gave me one singing lesson. I had to have a singing lesson every week. So I kind of got through it and I got better and better, and that’s when I got lessons. So I’ve been learning on the job, and it took me a long time to feel confident.

“Doing eight shows a week gives you that confident. Because occasionally you will [make a mistake], but predominantly, 99 per cent of the time, it’s totally fine.”

Emily then asked Hugh if he wanted to star in a musical with her, to which he said he was “in” on the idea.

The A Quiet Place star said, “I want to do The King and I but you can’t do that with me. That’s inappropriate. But I think it’s so beautiful. I was obsessed with that film as a kid.” – BANG!