Embraer and Porsche announce design collaboration

Aziz Idris

Porsche AG and the Embraer Group will launch an exclusive duo in partner look at the end of 2020. Customers who purchase one of the 10 limited-edition Embraer Phenom 300E business jets can also buy a matching customised Porsche 911 Turbo S.

The mixed double is the result of cooperation between the two premium brands. The project team comprised members of the Embraer design studio in Melbourne, Florida, the Porsche design department ‘Style Porsche’ in Weissach/Germany, the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Stuttgart/Germany and the Studio FA Porsche in Zell am See/Austria.

Both brands have a common goal: they offer customers all over the world exclusive products that can be personalised and enhanced to meet practically any wish.

“Porsche and Embraer share a host of common values,” said Head of Personalisation and Classic Alexander Fabig.

“As part of our cooperation, we are using the know-how of both brands to work jointly on concepts that are equally attractive for the customer group of jet and sports car owners.”

The paint finish is produced in a complex manual process. PHOTO: PORSCHE

The special edition limited to 10 units is aimed above all at customers who place great importance on innovations, technology and custom personalisation. At the same time, the focus for both products is on combining performance and everyday usability.

The shared design concept features of the sports car and jet include in particular, the two-tone paintwork in Platinum Silver Metallic (gloss) and matt Jet Grey Metallic (satin gloss) with trim strips in Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue.

The paint finish is produced in a complex manual process.

The logo for the cooperation was specially designed and is made up of a stylised aeroplane wing and the Sport Design package rear wing of the flagship 911. This is used in different exterior and interior locations on the Porsche: it is embossed on the head restraints, for example, and also features on the limited-edition badge.

A number of design details on this very special 911 Turbo S also establish a link to aviation: the individual registration of the respective jet can be found on the underside of the rear wing and on the sides of the vehicle key.

The door sill trims feature “No step” lettering illuminated in red. The dial on the stopwatch from the Sport Chrono package has a printed-on artificial horizon.

Embraer is a global aerospace company with its headquarters in Brazil. The business areas include commercial and executive aviation, defence and security as well as agricultural aviation. The company designs, develops, produces and markets aircraft and systems and also offers aftersales services.