Embarrassing dad Chris Martin

BANG! NEWS – Chris Martin’s daughter was mortified when he tried to surprise her at work.

The Coldplay frontman is very “proud” that 15-year-old Apple – his eldest child with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow – has landed her first job so thought it would be nice to visit the store where she is a cashier.

However, the teenager was unimpressed when she saw her dad waiting by her till and ordered him to go – and he was too “scared” of her not to respect her wishes.

Chris – who also has 13-year-old Moses with Gwyneth – said, “My daughter works in a clothing store, it’s her first job and I’m so proud of her, she’s making her way in the world.

I went to surprise her… Not surprise her, I went to see her, and I thought I’d better buy something.

“I took a t-shirt from the rack and lined up in the queue. She was at the checkout, there were two and she saw me and went like this (mouths) ‘Dad get out’. I felt terrible, so I moved to the other line, holding the t-shirt and being scared of my daughter.”

But despite her horror at seeing the Orphans singer at her workplace, it seemed Apple appreciated the gesture.

Chris added in an interview, “I’d brought her some fudge so I said to a lady, ‘Can you just give her this?’ And as I was leaving she shouted, ‘I love you dad’.”