ELIDE FIRE product not approved by officials

|     James Kon     |

THE Fire and Rescue Department advised the public to ignore a video that went viral purportedly showing the ELIDE FIRE fire extinguishing device and indicating that it has been approved by the department.

The department in a statement yesterday said the product, a fire extinguishing ball, has been removed from its list of approved fire safety and fire extinguishing systems.

The decision was made to ensure public safety in keeping with the department’s fire safety best practices.

According to the statement, the ELIDE FIRE product does not meet Brunei Darussalam’s standard 12 (PDB 12) for usage in buildings and premises because it is not a replacement for a Portable Fire Extinguisher and automatic sprinkler system.

Any companies or members of the public who wish to get the list of fire safety products approved and accredited by the Fire and Rescue Department can contact the Research and Development Division of the Fire Safety Division at 2380409 ext 268/267/301/300.

The act of disseminating false information with the intent to confuse the public is an offence under Public Order Act Chapter 148, Section 34 which carries the punishment of imprisonment of three years and fine of BND3,000.

The department reminded the public that it is an offence to misuse government documents for the purpose of promoting any particular product.