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Elephant wriggles out of a house after eating snacks

NDTV – A viral video posted by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter has captured a wild elephant wiggling carefully out of a building.

The clip shows an elephant struggling to get out of a small door frame, but the giant mammal still manages to get out gently.

The wild animal got into the house in search of food. Nanda, in his tweet, mentioned that the elephant relished the food inside the house.

He also said a fact about elephants they have better smell receptors than any mammal- including dogs, they can sniff out food that is even several miles away.

Along with the video, Nanda wrote, “Such obstacles are no barriers when it comes to their favourite stuff. Gentle giant wriggling out after a tasty snack. They have more smell receptors than any mammal – including dogs – and can sniff out food that is even several miles away.”

Nanda in his post did not mention the date and location of the clip. So far, this video has amassed over 9,000 views, with 663 likes and several comments.

A social media user commented, “So careful in not damaging the structure unnecessarily. Always smart and humble”.

Another person wrote, “It could have sensed sugarcane. It is one of the favourite foods for the cute, huge n most intelligent animal, the elephant.”


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