Monday, October 2, 2023
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Electricity bill based on estimated usage?

We would like to call on the authority to take a serious look at the current practice of using estimated power usage to determine the electricity bill.

Recently, we were shocked to find that we owe thousands of dollars of unpaid electricity bills.

Despite filing a complaint with the relevant agency, no one has given us a proper explanation, other than the fact that these bills were calculated based on the estimated monthly rate.

Why did they not dispatch a meter reader to our homes to find out how much electricity we used instead of charging us based on the estimated amount? When we posed the question, we were swiftly told that the person was on leave.

What is more disappointing is that we were only made aware of these bills upon retirement, after we had moved out of government housing.

Now that the authority intends to deduct the dues from our gratuities, which are not very much to begin with, we would now have to live on a lot less.

We hope that the authority could heed our plight and look into the matter as soon as possible.

Retirement Blues

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