Elderly residents enjoy festive dinner for CNY celebration

|     Daniel Lim     |


THE Li Gong Restaurant at The Empire Hotel & Country Club recently prepared a celebratory dinner for the Seria Old Folks Home residents, in the run-up to the Chinese New Year festivities.

Andy Tan Chee Meng, the Operations Manager at Li Gong Restaurant; Chef Sun, the Culinary Consultant and Director; and several staff members made the trip in order to prepare the festive dishes, which included Braised Salted Free-Range Chicken, Steamed Bean Curd, Fish Fillet with Garlic Sauce and the iconic Yee Sang salad.

Andy Tan told the Bulletin, “This is our first Chinese New Year celebration with the elderly residents of the Seria Old Folks Home.

“We want them to welcome in a prosperous and healthy new year with nutritious good food,” he added.

Group photo of Li Gong Restaurant staff members with the residents. – DANIEL LIM