Elderly man loses over RM260K to Macau scam

BATU GAJAH (BERNAMA) – An elderly man lost over RM260,000 after falling prey to the Macau Scam syndicate last month.

Batu Gajah District Police Chief ACP Ahmad Adnan Basri said the 78-year-old unemployed victim from Sungai Durian, Tanjung Tualang was tricked by the syndicate which claimed he was involved in a credit card forgery case in Sabah.

He said the victim realised he had lost the money which he had saved from what his children gave him every month as well as his safe deposit for 20 years amounting to RM265,368 when he updated two accounts in two banks in Batu Gajah and Pusing on January 7.

According to Ahmad Adnan, at about 4pm on December 19, the victim received a phone call from an unknown man who spoke in Mandarin.

“The man told the victim there was a parcel for him at the Kota Kinabalu post office which the Sabah police had confiscated and found many forged credit cards.

“After that, the complainant received a call and a Sergeant Wong asked about his bank account and the amount of money in it before telling him to transfer the entire amount for investigation purposes,” he said in a statement.

Ahmad Adnan said since the victim did not own an automatic teller machine (ATM) card and only made bank transactions through his account book, the suspect told him to make a card for every one of his accounts.

“The victim made the ATM cards on December 27 and transferred money from two fixed deposit bank accounts (RM177,174 and RM89,398) to his own account.

“On the same day, the victim received a call from a person telling him to place the ATM cards in a red car in Tanjung Tualang and leave the place.”

Ahmad Adnan said all the money in the victim’s two bank accounts were cleared out in 24 transactions between December 30 and January 3, causing him to lose RM265,368.

He said police believe the suspect had used a local person to get the ATM cards from the location.