Eksplorasa 2 cooking show a journey to village charms

|     Faridah Haji Ibrahim     |

RADIO Television Brunei (RTB) and Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) jointly produced a programme under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) called Eksplorasa 2.

The cooking show with a travelogue concept shares legends or myths surrounding a place and introduces village products, attractive locations and traditional cuisines of Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia.

According to the show’s Producer Hajah Siti Halipah binti Haji Taib, this year’s eight episodes from Brunei and eight episodes from Malaysia have been recorded.

“We have picked eight villages from Brunei Darussalam for Eksplorasa 2 based on their specialties and attractions. The villages are Kampong Lugu-Katimahar, Kampong Mumong, Kampong Labu Estate, Kampong Putat, Kampong Labi, Kampong Danau, Kampong Belais/Buda-Buda and Kampong Tanjong Maya,” she said.

Brunei Darussalam’s Miennan Yunos (pic above) and Malaysia’s Munawar Azmie (pic below), the presenters of the Eksplorasa 2 cooking show. – PHOTOS: FARIDAH HAJI IBRAHIM

Meanwhile, Malaysia will feature Kampung Alai (Melaka), Kampung Mengkuang (Penang), Kampung Pendiat (Perak), Kampung Seterpa (Kelantan), Pulau Suri (Kelantan), Kenyir Lake (Terengganu), Ketapang Gulf (Terengganu) and Kampung Air Limau (Melaka) in the cooking show.

The show’s presenters are Brunei Darussalam’s Miennan Yunos and Malaysia’s Munawar Azmie.

According to Miennan Yunos, the show can help audiences to explore in depth the specialities present in each village and they will also get the chance to share their delicious recipes.

Eksplorasa 2 began showing on July 3 at 10.30am on RTB Perdana.