Education fair showcases 50 institutions

MMS Education Placement Group organises MMS Education Fair throughout Sabah and Sarawak three times a year in March, July and October.

The ongoing MMS Education Fair March 2019 has attracted more than 50 institutions from Australia, Singapore, UK, New Zealand, US, Switzerland and Malaysia.

The education fair bagan on March 6 in Sandakan. It was held in Tawau yesterday. The fair will be held tomorrow in Kuching, March 10 in Kota Kinabalu, March 11 in Labuan, March 15 in Bintulu, March 16 in Sibu and March 17 in Miri.

The organisers requested students to bring along their result slips or transcripts to seek offers and scholarship information.

“Most universities and colleges have intakes ranging from March to October. This is a definitely a good opportunity for students to obtain latest information and submit application during the event,” said Senior Operation Manager of MMS Education Placement Centre May Tan.

“Besides, students who are currently studying are encouraged to attend the education fair to plan for their further studies in 2020. Some participating institutions will waive the application fee if students apply for admissions on the spot,” she said.

“Courses available at the education fair vary from business, arts to sciences. Students will be able to obtain latest information at different education levels, from ‘A’ Levels, Foundation, Diploma, Undergraduate Degree to Postgraduate Degree,” she said. Another attraction at the event is the scholarships and financial aid offered by participating institutions. Studying overseas is often perceived as very costly for parents, however, with the attractive scholarships, bursaries and incentives provided by the institutions, it eases parents’ burden in financing their children’s further education,” May added.

Students and parents during the education fair