Ed Sheeran splashes out £4M on more property

ED SHEERAN  has spent £4 million to buy the properties next door to his London home, adding to his huge property portfolio.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, “When he got a chance to buy up the two houses next to his London home, he jumped at the chance.

“Ed has not only made a wise investment but is limiting the chance of people grumbling about loud music or parties. He also decided to buy the flat above his restaurant in Notting Hill because that could have been a massive sticking point for the business going forward.”

Ed has a huge property portfolio, with a total of 22 properties which have cost almost £47 million in total.

The largest is a sprawling home in Suffolk in East England with his own entertainment facilities but Ed recently admitted his wife Cherry Seaborn is worried that he is isolating himself at the large estate.

He said, “Cherry’s trying to get me away from it. She’s scared that the cinema – I’ve made it like my friends can just come here now rather than me going out. Cherry’s always trying to get me to go out more and more.” – BANG!