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    Eco savings: The pay off from going green

    |    Standard Chartered Bank    |

    BEING more environmentally conscious is not just trendy these days – it is becoming a need for all individuals. It is a need that arises from fast changing weather patterns and harsher climate change that is showing signs that all is not well with the environment.

    As citizens of the world, we must all take steps to make changes that will contribute positively towards climate change. If contributing towards positive climate change is still not enough reason for you to make changes – then consider the amount of money that you can save just from being greener.

    Lower the amount of money you pay for electricity and water

    Its common sense – the less energy you use, the less your bills will be. However, in Brunei where utility charges are considerably low, people tend to overlook the amount of savings that can be generated just by switching off appliances or turning off taps.

    Be mindful of how you use electricity. Switch off appliances such as kettles, TVs, lights and water heaters when not in use.

    If you are leaving the house, make it a point to switch off all the main switches in the house that is not necessary such as all kitchen appliances except refrigerators and all TV socket points.

    Pulling wires out of their electrical points will also help to reduce stray electrical charges from being absorbed by your electrical appliance which will then contribute to a lower electricity bill.

    Be very conscientious on water wastage. Although water usage charges are more affordable, that doesn’t mean you can use as much water as you like over wasteful actions.

    The amount of clean and healthy water that is available for humans to use is becoming scarce as the population of the world increases.

    By reducing the amount of water you waste, you can also reduce your water bill and the savings you generate from this conscious reduction.

    You can save water through various small actions such as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower, washing fruit and vegetables in a bowl instead of under running water, promptly fix and repair dripping taps or leaking pipes in your premises, installing a low cost water saving device in your toilet and lots more.

    Recycling could earn you money

    Recycling pays. Not only will you be practising the mantra of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, you can also get paid for doing it. Recycling company will pay you for recycled materials collected and handed in to them.

    They recycle all sorts of items from electrical, batteries, aluminium and tin cans, plastic bottles and paper. Depending on the type of recyclable items you send in, different amounts are paid for different types of materials.

    However it is important to note that items that are not usable anymore should be sent for recycling. Items that are still in use in general public areas such as drain covers, cables and manhole covers should not be taken away to recycle as they pose a hazard and danger to the community as people could fall into drains or manholes and whole areas can suffer from electrical outage due to cable thieves.

    Not to mention it is also considered a crime stealing from public or government property.

    Save on fuel costs

    Although petrol in Brunei is relatively cheap, it is also a fast depleting resource and one that we should also try to save before it becomes too expensive a commodity to use.

    Save on fuel by trying to buy a more fuel efficient car. Car pool with your friends when going for an outing or car pool with colleagues when attending a function or heading to a particular destination together.

    On your own, you can also save on fuel costs by planning your driving route before heading out the door so that you use the most efficient route possible to get where you need to go or to run your errands. Check that your tyres are inflated to the optimal pressure so that it burns less fuel when running.

    Involve your family

    Going green is about you and what you can do to make a positive difference to the environment – every little bit that everyone does add up to make a bigger difference.

    Involve your family and friends on greener habits setting an example. Offer to car pool with friends. Encourage your child to save the money that you get from recycling so that your child is motivated to champion recycling.

    Get your spouse to work with you on keeping household utility bills down and remind your domestic worker to be mindful as well.

    Going green doesn’t just mean a better and greener world for you and your children; it could also mean greater greener savings for you!

    This article is for general information purposes only and while the information in it is believed to be reliable, it has not been independently verified by us. You are advised to exercise your own independent judgement with the contents in this article.

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