Easy access to clean water with ClaroSwiss

POTABLE water from tap is available in every home but when used for drinking, the purity and taste of the water isn’t always as pleasant as it should be. Thanks to the ClaroSwiss water filter now you can enjoy healthier and great tasting water straight from the kitchen tap. The ClaroSwiss water filter purifies potable water using the cleaning technique out of nature.

Available in different varieties, the ClaroSwiss water filter removes taste and odour and reduces a wide range of unhealthy contaminants from water, such as particles down to 0,5 micron, heavy metals, VOC and if required also the lime. The ClaroSwiss water filter is up-to-date with the wish of a more ecologic lifestyle since the water doesn’t have to be bottled or be shipped long distances all over the world. ClaroSwiss water filters are a perfect alternative to mineral water at a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water; a win for the consumers’ wallet and for the environment.

The patented ClaroSwiss water filter family consists of a unique multivalve connection head fitting to a variety of selected single filter cartridges with different configuration and graded treatment capacity. The Swiss made filter system family is designed for applications in kitchens and the sanitary market. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the multi- valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated almost everywhere, free standing, mounted or in a vertical or horizontal position.

Combined in the freshline starter-set – the ClaroSwiss water filter system will be delivered with all major components for an easy and fast kitchen installation. The ClaroSwiss filter system with its modular multistage filtration process reduces a wide range of contaminants for pure and great tasting water straight from the kitchen tap.

Combined with a lime reduction and stabilisation stage, the ClaroSwiss K filter cartridge delivers perfect water for delicious cold and hot drinks and protects kitchen equipment also efficiently from lime scale.