Earn livelihood in lawful manner, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Religious authorities are urging Muslims to earn their livelihood in an honest and lawful manner, and to keep away from cheating, usury and bribery.

Imams in yesterday’s Friday sermon said, “Unlawful earnings invite bad consequences upon us and our families.

“Islam does not prohibit its adherents to seek for worldly gains in a decent manner. Everyone’s provision has been ordained and determined by Allah the Almighty, while still in

their mothers’ wombs.
“But even though our provision has been determined, we still need to strive and work hard for our living by engaging in business, farming, fishing, or by working in the public and private sectors.

“The provisions that we gather belong to Allah the Almighty. Hence when seeking our sustenance, it is important to use the right intentions. If we have extra provisions, then donate those to the needy. Let us pray to Allah the Almighty to increase our sustenance.”