Dwayne Johnson gifts his mother a new home

DWAYNE Johnson surprised his mother with a new home for Christmas, as she’s never been able to afford one of her own.

The 46-year-old actor and professional wrestler revealed on social media last Saturday that he has presented his mother Ata, 70, with a “golden ticket”, which entitles her to any house she wants, wherever she wants.

Posting a video on Instagram, Dwayne wrote: “Surprise! Bought my mum a new home for Christmas.”

In the clip, Ata opens a card with the ticket inside and starts to read it before crying tears of joy, and hugging her son.

Then, speaking to her granddaughter Jasmine, three, she said, “Guess what? I get a brand-new house!”

In the caption of the video, the Fast and Furious star revealed how he and his family often moved house when he was younger and so they never truly created a home anywhere. – BANG!