Dusun man embraces Islam

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

A 21-YEAR-OLD Dusun man embraced the Islamic faith after recitation of his Dua Kalimah Syahadah in front of officials from the Islamic Da’wah Centre at a conversion ceremony that took place at the residence of Sukardi bin Haji Ismail in STKRJ Kampong Rimba last night.

Officer of the Islamic Da’wah Centre Edy Kasrin bin Abdul Kadir officiated the conversion ceremony.

Rick Francis from Kudat, Sabah who chose Rizky Fauzan Abdullah Francis as his Muslim name is an employee at a restaurant in Gadong.

He has been working in the country for three years.

According to Rizky, he has been enlightened on Islam over the years working here and read books related to the religion before finally opening his heart to accept the faith.

Rick Francis from Kudat, Sabah chooses Rizky Fauzan Abdullah Francis as his Muslim name. – LYNA MOHAMAD

The eldest son in his family, Rizky did not have issues with his family when he voiced his intention to convert as his parents have already been converted to the Islamic faith before him and most of his family members welcomed the decision.

After recitation of the Syahadah, Rizky felt light-hearted and hoped to gain as much religious knowledge as possible for becoming a good Muslim.

Last night’s conversion was further enlivened with Dikir Marhaban and sprinkling of scented flowers to celebrate Rizky on his conversion and concluded with a Doa Selamat.

Meanwhile, statistics of Muslim converts in the country showed that from January to December 2018, 404 converted.

Brunei-Muara District recorded the largest number with 203 converts while 105 of them are Dusun.