Duo jailed for multiple crimes

Fadley Faisal

Two men were recently sentenced to jail on multiple charges of housebreaking and theft.

Judge Pengiran Hajah Norismayanti binti Pengiran Haji Ismail sentenced Malaysian Haji Sulong bin Ahmad, 51, to four years and five months of jail for housebreaking and theft.

He was also ordered to settle BND2,000 fine for immigration offences, or risk serving an additional two months’ jail, in default of payment.

Pengiran Yusraini Mohammad bin Pengiran Haji Mohamed Yussof, 50, meanwhile, received a jail sentence of three years and two months, for housebreaking and theft.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohammad informed the court that Haji Sulong had stolen a mobile phone from a staff house in Kampong Salar, Jalan Muara, at 8.50am on April 29.

The pair broke into a house in Kampong Kupang, Tutong, at 9am on October 15, by forcing the front door open with a screwdriver.

They made away with two laptops, a mobile phone, a tablet and a printer.

The defendants also stole two chargers, three cables, three speakers, a gas cylinder, a pair of sneakers, two bags, a powerbank, a laptop with its charger, a computer mouse, a smart tablet, four toy cars, coins amounting to BND25, coins amounting to IDR1,500, an iPod and a box containing Easi cards from a shop in Kampong Manggis 2, on November 2 morning.

Somewhere between morning and noon on March 8, the defendants stole a bag, a hair clipper, a gas cylinder, a box drill and a grinding machine from a house in Kampong Kapok.
They also stole two gas cylinders from a staff house in Kampong Bebatik Kilanas, on September 3 morning.

Police reports led to the arrest of the two defendants.

Investigations found that Haji Sulong entered Brunei without a valid pass and a passport, sometime in December 2018, despite being a person barred from entry.

The judge took extensive case laws and considerations to arrive to a decision, while observing the aggravating factors of the case to hand down a deterrent sentence and reaching a fair decision in its totality principles, among the other factors of the case.

However, the court highlighted that crimes involving thefts and break-ins into other people’s properties are not taken lightly, as they are prevalent, and that a deterrent sentence is justified other than to just punish the offenders.