Dubious meat, sausages seized in joint-op

Azlan Othman

Enforcement agencies seized dubious meat – 12.095 kilogrammes of frozen mutton and 14.89 kilogrammes of frozen beef – on Tuesday at two business premises in Kampong Kapok and Kampong Jerudong.

Enforcement officers at the Halal Food Control Division of the Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) with law enforcement agencies from the Royal Customs and Excise Department (RCED) carried out the joint operations which also involved the seizure of 140 packets of undeclared popular Malaysian brand of sausages.

The confiscated items were taken to the Halal Food Control Division of the Department of Syariah Affairs. The case was further investigated by RCED.

The Halal Food Control Division urged the public to cooperated and share information about meat smuggling activities through Halal Food Control Division hotline at 7166222 or the division’s offices in each district. The public are reminded that every Halal meat entering the country should have valid Halal Import Permit.

The Halal Food Control Division and other enforcement agencies will hold patrols and operations to ensure the laws and regulations of the country are followed.

Undeclared sausages seized during the operation. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN