Dua Lipa thinks coronavirus is teaching people to ‘really connect’

BANG! NEWS – Dua Lipa thinks the coronavirus pandemic has taught people how to “really connect” with each other on a “different level”.

The current global health crisis is forcing many people to stay at home and self-isolate away from their family and friends, meaning they are instead using creative ways – such as video calls – to keep in touch with their loved ones.

And as many celebrities are taking to live-streaming to talk to their fans and play music, 24-year-old Dua has said she hopes the methods stick around after the pandemic “blows over”.

When asked by NPR how she’s coping with hosting live-streamed performances on Instagram, she said, “I’m kind of learning along the way, figuring it out. I only, just this week, did my second-ever live stream on Instagram. It’s different but it’s a fun way to really connect with the fans and the audience and I think it’s interesting to see how we are when we’re out of our comfort zone. You kind of are just stripped back, You are on your sofa, you are in your living room. You’re completely bare-faced and I think it connects with people on a different level, because it shows we’re all the same and we’re all human.

“There’s a lot of beauty that comes with all of that. Sometimes trying to make things like that interesting can be difficult, but I think it’s something that we all need to learn in the new age of social media. I think even after this pandemic hopefully blows over soon, we’ll still be using everything we learned during this time to really connect with people on a different level.” Dua released her new album, Future Nostalgia, this week, and has said that while she was originally “conflicted” about releasing her record during the coronavirus outbreak – which is also known as Covid-19 – she hopes it will help to distract people from the crisis.

She said, “Of course during this time, I have felt very conflicted and I was very confused and I wasn’t sure whether we need to be putting music out at this time because a lot of people are suffering and there’s a lot going on in the world and you never really know when the right time is.”