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Lyna Mohammad

With a revamped and robust design, the all-new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross is a crossover multi-purpose vehicle and the top variant of the Xpander lineup featuring solid sports utility vehicle (SUV) styling along with high driving performance and ride comfort.

The Xpander Cross is definitely an eye-catcher on the road. The Dynamic Shield at the front has evolved, combining a large grille with a trapezoid motif and a guard-bar shaped bumper to give it a robust SUV look.

The headlights feature a distinctive T-shape design that emphasises a sense of width, while the turn signals offer improved visibility to other drivers as they have been integrated into the upper position lights.

The all-new Xpander Cross’ front and rear overhangs have been extended by a total of 95 millimetres (mm), and to create the proportions with more dynamism and stability, the engine hood has been made thicker, which to me is also one of the factors that highlights the vehicles boldness and ruggedness.

In addition, the exterior features also include 17-inch round-rim alloy wheels with a machine-finished two-tone design in medium grey.

ABOVE & BELOW: The exterior of the all-new Mitsubishi Xpander Cross; and the driver seat of Xpander Cross. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

The interior of Xpander Cross

These wheels, coordinated with the grey paint on the front and rear skid plates and door garnishes, creates a three-dimensional look that expresses the sporty and powerful feeling of a SUV and to sharpen the overall appearance, the roof rails are coloured in black pearl.

Moving down to the tailgate at the rear, it has been given a more three-dimensional design, and the number of split lines has been reduced for an enhanced sense of quality.

This is further enhanced with the rear combination lights featuring a wide, stable look with horizontally-themed T-shaped tail lights.

To improve visibility at night, especially on a heavy downpour, light-emitting diode (LED) stop lights are added to the tail lights and back lights.

The Xpander Cross also offers a line of new body colours such as the Green Bronze Metallic, a colour that combines toughness with a modern sense of refinement, while other available colours include Quartz White Pearl, Blade Silver Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic, Sunrise Orange and Jet Black Mica.

Before moving on to the engine and performance, let’s step into the spacious interior fitted with a horizontally-oriented instrument panel based on the horizontal axis concept.

This feature emphasises the spaciousness of the cabin and conveniently perceives changes in vehicle position while driving, with the new large-diameter four-spoke steering wheel evoking a sense of luxury adopted from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, facilitating the driver to manage functions of cruise control, an audio button, hands-free Bluetooth and digital LCD meter.

At the centre front cabin is yet another new feature of an eight-inch colour Digital LCD Meter Cluster, where the driver can manage to view their driving information, fuel efficiency, vehicle information and Active Yaw Control (AYC) operation performance status.

Drivers can also make changes to three different types of meter cluster screen layouts, based on driver’s preference.

Adopting the seven-inch screen infotainment smartphone linked display audio, Android Auto and Car Apple Play, that is more intuitive and easier to use enables the Xpander Cross to offer an advanced cabin.

On a hot day, worry not especially for the second row seats, where air conditioning control is built with a LCD digital panel and dial type.

Meanwhile, the seats themselves are made with high quality fabric, designed with diamond pattern black and navy colour with silver stitching, and offer a space for three passengers who can sit comfortably.

Additionally, just like other seven-seater SUVs, the tumbling system enables folding of the second row seats to make access to the third row seat easier.

When carrying more loads than passengers, the seatbacks in the second row (60:40 split) and third row (50:50 split) can be folded down with a simple operation to arrange the seats and luggage in various combinations.

For large loads, the second and third row seats can be folded down to create a large flat storage area without bumps or gaps.

Even with seven occupants taking up all of the seats, the Xpander Cross still has enough luggage space to hold four gallon water bottles or a standard stroller.

Still in the second row, two cupholders are fitted on the armrest and can be folded down to allow long loads and passengers.

For that sudden need to recharge handphones, the second and third row seats are able to charge their phones or tablets easily as they are equipped with USB slot types A and C.

Also among the Xpander Cross’ features are a key-less operation system, push start engine button, electric parking brake with auto-hold and multiple storage compartments located from the front to the back of the vehicle.

Equipped with a 1.5-litre Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System (MIVEC) Engine and 2WD, four-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle offers powerful performance and low fuel consumption, enhanced quietness and fuel efficiency.

In terms of safety features, the all-new Xpander Cross adopts Mitsubishi Motors’ AYC, which improves cornering performance by adjusting the braking force on the front wheels.

Information such as steering angle, yaw rate, lateral and longitudinal G-forces, brake pressure, and wheel speed is used to accurately assess driver operation and vehicle behaviour, and brake control is applied to perform torque vectoring between the front wheels, ensuring that the vehicle responds as the driver intends.

Taking the corners or bends on slippery road surfaces, the AYC, which brakes the front wheel on the inside of a turn, minimises understeer and allows the vehicle to follow a line closer to that intended by the driver.

Together with the anti-lock braking system and active stability control, the system supports safe, secure and comfortable driving in a variety of weather and road conditions.

The suspension provides a flat and comfortable ride, even on rough road surfaces.

This is made possible by improving the rigidity of the front strut mounting area, enlarging the cylinder size of the rear shock absorber, and using new high-performance valves in both the front and rear.

Other listed safety features on the all-new Xpander Cross include a reverse camera, dual air bags (driver and passenger), ISOfix system for child protection, electronic brake pressure distribution, hill start assist and emergency stop signal.

It also includes anti-theft engine immobiliser, anti-theft alarm system, automatic transmission shift lock, key system reminder, tools and original 17-inch alloy spare wheels.

Last but not least, the Xpander Cross is built with a total length of 4,595mm, which is a 95mm increase from the previous model, the width at 1,790mm (another increase of 10mm from the previous model).

Meanwhile, the height maintains at 1,750mm, which will provide a better ability on rougher or flooded roads, as well as a higher eye-point and clear visibility for the driver.

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