Drawing up their own joyful realm

Rena Lim

THE STAR – They are chicken sellers during the day but come dusk, 28-year-old twins Lee Chong Ming and Lee Chong Wei retreat into a rich imaginative world within their artworks.

The self-taught artists, who enjoy drawing and painting, are passionate about creating their own characters and stories.

Chong Ming, the elder of the pair, said their works featured a mash-up of fantasy, horror and supernatural characters.

“They range from anime-like to more comical characters. Our stories often feature characters that we draw based on ourselves.

“This allows us to enter a completely new world and immerse ourselves as both creators and characters,” he said when met at the Cecil Street Market in George Town, Penang.

Apart from stories with characters based on themselves, the twins’ artworks include characters from Chinese culture and those inspired by movies Jurassic Park and Godzilla as well as Japanese manga series Attack on Titan.

Chong Ming working on a drawing while Chong Wei operates their chicken stall at the Cecil Street wet market in George Town. PHOTO: THE STAR

Chong Ming said as both work as chicken sellers at the market in the morning, they were able to draw and paint only at night.

“Our work routine can be mundane as we work every day except Sunday. We value whatever time we can get to immerse ourselves in our art.

“We love drawing and painting as this allows us space to express ourselves. Through art and the comical characters we create, we are able to share a version of the joyful world we hope to live in.

“This is why our stories and artwork often revolve around happy and fulfilling themes.”

Chong Ming also shared that the twins did not have many happy memories of their childhood due to their family background and financial constraints.

“As such, we turned to drawing and painting to create a safe and happy space for ourselves.

“We started around the age of 10 and have been continuing our work ever since.

“In future, we hope our creation of comical characters can bring joy to people and help inspire them,” he added.