Don’t be distracted by worldly goods, Imams remind Muslims

Azlan Othman

The Friday sermon warned Muslims about the excessive pursuit of worldly things at the expense of maintaining obedience towards Allah the Almighty.

“One of the main reasons people are so obsessed with worldly life is due to a lack of faith; they forget that life in the hereafter is better and more permanent than life in this world, which is only transient,” said Imams during the sermon.

“The life of this world is ephemeral, while the hereafter is our eternal home. Therefore, before our time is up, we must seize this opportunity to remember Allah the Almighty by obeying all His commands and prohibitions.

“Let us not be counted among the losers, owing to our negligence and preoccupation with the adornments and deceptions of this world.

“With that, let us pray that we and our families may become steadfast, devout, righteous and not distracted by worldly goods; and that we may be counted among those who attain the happiness of this world and the hereafter.”