Don’t allow trivial matters to hurt family ties: Friday sermon

|    Azlan Othman    |

YESTERDAY’S Friday sermon highlighted the value of maintaining good ties with family and friends, as well as the obligation of all Muslims to uphold and honour those ties.

“We play a role in strengthening and maintaining those ties by helping our family, neighbours and friends when they need it,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Usually, the severing of relationships occurs for reasons such as dissatisfaction, vindictiveness, arrogance, selfishness, debt, malice, slander, envy, jealousy, hatred and so on. However, the most common reasons are quarrels or disagreements over property ownership. Property is just an ornamentation of this worldly life, and it would be better to focus on eternal happiness as a way of drawing closer to Allah the Almighty.

“Let us learn how to restore broken ties – not just between hostile factions, but also as mediators in healing rifts between our relatives or friends. Furthermore, in major disputes between families, it is best to seek the advice and opinion of experts or other relevant parties.

“Don’t allow trivial matters to hurt our family relationships, as this may lead to tensions that give rise to ostracism, hostility, enmity, and other undesirable things that will destroy our family and community life.”