Donald Trump’s son urges people to vote… a week after election

NDTV – United States (US) President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump is facing social media’s ridicule for urging people to vote in the 2020 US Presidential Election – a week after the election concluded.

In a tweet shared on Tuesday – and has since been deleted – Eric Trump urged people in Minnesota to “get out and vote”. The post was deleted within minutes, but nothing ever goes unnoticed on social media – especially if it comes from Donald Trump’s second eldest son. Within a few hours, screenshots of the tweet were going viral on the microblogging platform.

The faux-pas drew comparisons with Internet Explorer – Microsoft’s browser that is notorious for its slow performance.

On Election Day, Eric Trump had posted a series of similar tweets, urging people to vote. This gave rise to speculation that his Minnesota tweet was probably a scheduling error.

Still, Twitter is not a place that forgives easily, and Trump quickly became the subject of much trolling for his ill-timed tweet.

President Trump has called the election “a fraud on the American people” by his rival Democrats and refused to concede.

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Trump’s refusal to concede his election loss an “embarrassment” but dismissed the standoff as unimportant, according to news agency AFP.