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Sunday, December 3, 2023
24 C
Brunei Town

Domestic helper hiring costs should be transparent

It’s been two years since the onset of COVID-19 in the country and we are still fighting the outbreak. But with the authorities’ steadfast response to the crisis, I’m hopeful that the crisis will be over soon.

As the rest of the world begins to relax its measures, I would like to ask the authorities if there are plans of doing the same in the Sultanate, should we manage to put a tight lid over the outbreak.

It would be much appreciated if the issue of domestic helpers could be tackled first, given how important it is to the populace, especially working women.

At present, the agency fees for hiring a domestic helper range from BDN5,000 to BND7,000.

Most would begrudgingly fork out the sum as we don’t exactly have a choice.

Perhaps the authorities could consider putting a cap on agency fees and request for these agents to provide the cost breakdown of hiring a domestic helper.

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