Disney to pull plug on FOX channels tomorrow

The Walt Disney Company announced its plans to shut down FOX channels in Southeast Asia, including Brunei Darussalam by tomorrow.

These changes are made in accordance with the company’s effort to pivot towards a direct-to consumer-first model and further grow its streaming services.

The channels to be discontinued are FOX, FOX Life, FOX Action Movies, FOX Family Movies and FOX Movies. Only two linear channels will remain present in Brunei from October 1 – National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild.

Existing Kristal Astro customers subscribed to Santai Max HD package will continue to be able to gain access to these channels.

Effective October 1, all existing Santai HD subscribers will be eligible to a reduced subscription fee of up to BND8. Byond customers are urged to migrate to Santai HD to take advantage of the new pricing.