Disappointment over Pasar Borong decision

I wish to express my disappointment over a recent decision from the management of Pasar Tani Serbaguna (Pasar Borong) in Sengkurong to remove me and some other long-time vendors from the market after Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities to make room for new vendors.

As a vegetable and fruit vendor, who inherited the business from her late father 12 years ago, I am frustrated by the current predicament.

During a previous meeting with Tanjong Nangka Cooperative (SETENAGA), the only issue raised was that my stall should be under my name; not my father’s.

Additionally, we were previously warned of a monthly rental increase from the present BND15 to BND80. However, in the recent announcement, it is now BND200. Moreover, there are still foreign workers operating stalls at the market, which is a direct violation of the rules and regulations of the market.

I would like the authorities to look into this as for many of us, the stall business is our only source of income.