Disappointed with customer service at mobile phone shop

I RECENTLY bought a mobile phone from a shop in the Gadong area.

I was happy with the service during my purchase at the time.

After a while the phone had a malfunction during the warranty period.

The shop was kind enough to offer to send it for repairs to its supplier.

This took a few months but the phone could not be repaired.

The shop then offered to replace it with a different model to which I agreed.

However, this took a few weeks with the shop postponing when I could claim the new phone.

At the time I was about to leave the country and could not wait any longer.

I asked for a full refund of my purchase.

This was when the customer service turned sour.

The shop was unwilling to refund me and insisted that I wait for the new phone.

It took me a few hours at the shop talking to the salesperson and the manager until they finally conceded.

I understand why they insisted for me to wait as it is a business and they want to retain sales.

But they had already promised a replacement for a faulty unit they could not repair.

And the fact that they kept postponing when I could claim it when I had told them I needed it by a set date along with how they treated me when I asked for a refund, just irked me.

I hope this shop will fulfil the promises to other customers and not treat them like it did to me.

– Disappointed Customer