Disappointed over lack of patient service

I was at the receiving end of the sad state of affairs at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital recently after I was prescribed a blood test by the doctor treating me.

The staff at the hospital told me that I could take the test on the prescribed date in a nearby government clinic.

As the Sengkurong clinic is the closest to my residence, I reported for the test around 8am, the time prescribed for the test after fasting for 12 hours as required.

My turn for giving blood for the test came around 10.30am. But to my shock, I was told by the staff that my blood test order was not entered in the Bru-HIMS system and hence the test could not be carried out. They asked me to go back to RIPAS Hospital and inform them of the situation.

I suggested that the clinic officials inform the hospital of the matter over the phone but they said it was not possible.

I then tried to call the hospital thrice but each time though, I was told to wait for the operator, the call got disconnected after about three minutes with no one answering. Finally, I had to leave the clinic without the test, despite the long preparation including the 12-hour fasting window and the wait at the clinic.

Hapless Patient