Digitalisation crucial for efficiency in workplace, says BSP engineer

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

DIGITALISATION brings much-needed efficien-cy in the workplace and also makes it possible for companies like Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) to develop powerful new capabilities and benefits from smarter exploration, leaner hydrocarbon development and safer operations.

These were highlighted by BSP Chief Petroleum Engineer Henk Leegte during the Petroleum Engineering Forum, organised by BSP, at Lecture Theatre 3 of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) yesterday.

The forum also gave the 100 attending UTB students insights into how their degree and diploma programmes equip them with the skills needed in today’s oil and gas industry.

Henk Leegte said he hopes the forum can inspire the students to be more innovative when it comes to solving complex subsurface problems and highlighted the importance of digitalising the sector.

He added that the Petroleum Engineering Forum, which included hands on activities for the students and a series of presentations, provides students a better understanding of what work in the field entails and gives them the chance to develop contacts in the industry.

FROM LEFT: Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) Chief Petroleum Engineer Henk Leegte and BSP Exploration Manager Gijs Holstege speak during the forum
Attendees during the forum. – PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

“Integration between BSP and universities and polytechnics creates an opportunity for students to network and to inspire them for their future careers,” Leegte said.

BSP Exploration Manager Gijs Holstege, meanwhile, noted that BSP has been supporting the wider community through its Social Investment (SI) programmes.

“Those programmes are aligned with the objectives of Brunei Vision 2035, which aims to turn the nation into one widely recognised for the accomplishments of its well-educated and highly skilled people while at the same time drive the development and growth of the country to provide its residents a high quality of life and realise a dynamic and sustainable economy,” he said.

BSP is committed to supporting the commu-nity through various themes – with education given the biggest priority – particularly in technical subjects such as geosciences and petroleum engineering, which are in great demand, Holstege added.

“These disciplines continue to evolve as technology develops, enabling continued exploration, development and production of oil and gas,” he said.

Holstege highlighted that even though technology and efficiency are key drivers in the industry, it is “equally important to encourage people to find new ways of thinking to solve problems”.

“The oil and gas industry is no different to many other industries facing a constant state of change, and subject to [the effects of] continuous [introduction of] innovative technologies. BSP is very much a stakeholder to these changes,” he said.

This year sees BSP marking an important milestone in its history, with the company celebrating its 90th anniversary since oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in the Seria oil field in 1929.

Throughout these past 90 years, the company has built a track record as a “company of firsts” with a string of Bruneian innovations to extract and supply oil and natural gas efficiently.

Today, BSP continues to explore innovative ways to grow its business, power more Bruneian innovation and secure the country’s future, with aims of playing an active role in Brunei’s energy transition and exploring ways to integrate renewables and energy efficiency into their operations.