Digital banking platform launch brings award for Baiduri

Lyna Mohamad

Baiduri Bank achieved another milestone when it was awarded the Best Mobile Banking App award in the World Finance Digital Banking Awards 2020 as a recognition of the digital banking platform Baiduri b.Digital Personal launched in March last year.

According to World Finance, the banking industry grappled with disruption in 2020 where COVID-19 pandemic drove banks to rethink and reprioritise, accelerating the drive towards contactless banking.

World Finance highlighted that there were over 40 per cent increase in active users since the launch of the Baiduri b.Digital Personal platform.

“The increased uptake can be attributed to the ease-of-use as a result of enhanced user interface and the introduction of new features to provide a more seamless banking experience,” said Head of Digital Banking Goh Wen Feng.

An app incorporating a unique digital security token eliminating the need for a physical PIN-generating token are among the features and made Baiduri Bank the first bank in Brunei to introduce this.

To provide an enhanced customer experience, the app also incorporates optional biometric login, the ability to register and add beneficiaries directly through the app as well as value-added features such as financial calculators (loan calculator, retirement calculator and risk profiling tools).

Goh elaborated that while the app allows for a simpler banking experience, the bank maintains the user data and protection as the utmost priority..

Late last year, the bank was certified with PCI-DSS Version 3.2.1, the latest international standard in cardholder data protection.

Baiduri Head of Group Strategic Marketing and Communications Ng Yick Wei noted that the bank rolled out an intensive marketing campaign to highlight the new features as well as tutorials for users to quickly and easily acclimatise to the new platform.

Baiduri Bank CEO Ti Eng Hui said the introduction of Baiduri b.Digital Personal is part of the bank’s digital transformation drive and the beginning of a journey which they hope will elevate the overall customer experience.

“We strongly believe in the role of technology as an enabler but maintaining the human touch is still critical to providing personalised financial services. What we seek to create is the right balance between human interaction and digital experiences to help our customers achieve the desired financial outcomes.”

Baiduri Bank received two other international awards earlier this year – the Best Banking Group for 2021 and Best in Corporate Governance & CSR by the International Investor, a United Kingdom (UK)-based online publication.